Prop Betting Explained

Prop bets also known, as proposition or side bets are the types of bets directly related to a single sporting event but do not affect the direct outcome of the game. Punters from New Zealand familiar with novelty betting will likely understand prop betting with greater ease. Prop betting is a common sports bet option for just about any sporting

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Quick How-To Guide on In Play Betting for Punters in Australia

In play betting, also known as live betting, has revolutionised betting behaviour amongst punters in Australia and is completely unlike anything that has come before it. Even though it is a relatively new development, it has become increasingly popular amongst punters of all kinds and is available at all the best online sportsbooks. For something that has had such a

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What Are Parlay Bets?

What Are Parlay Bets? In New Zealand, online sports betting sites offer a full range of betting options to suit all types of punters. This includes futures bets, spread bets, fixed odds bets and multi-bets. The most popular type of multi-bet is a parlay bet. If you are familiar with horse racing betting, chances are you have heard of parlay

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A List of the Most Sought-After Collectors Cars

New Zealand has thousands of petrolheads, dedicated to Formula 1, GT and other top motor-racing events; but just as dedicated to appreciating the classic production cars that have appeared down the decades. Those with the wherewithal to do more than just admire these beauties often succumb to the urge to become car collectors: but then, who can blame them? If

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