Mobile Betting Australia

Mobile Betting Australia Open to NZ Punters With the betting industry under strict control of the New Zealand Racing Board, many Kiwi punters are looking to mobile betting Australia to take advantage of the many sporting tournaments and the wide range of betting markets available. Whether you’re a fan of football, rugby or cricket, there is definitely something for everyone,

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Prop Betting Explained

Prop bets also known, as proposition or side bets are the types of bets directly related to a single sporting event but do not affect the direct outcome of the game. Punters from New Zealand familiar with novelty betting will likely understand prop betting with greater ease. Prop betting is a common sports bet option for just about any sporting

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Caulfield Cup

Caulfield Cup Betting in New Zealand Thanks to the revolutionary introduction of the internet, the world of online sports betting was born and has since evolved into the phenomenon that can be seen today, subsequently allowing punters from all over the world to join an international betting community. One of Australia’s biggest and much-loved horse racing events, the Caulfield Cup

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What are odds?

What are odds? Odds are a set of numbers which have been applied to various sporting events in order to predict the possible outcome of the event. This helps punters to work out how much money they make on a bet, and whether the bet is going to be worth their while or not. The higher the chance is of

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Online Betting Growth in New Zealand

Online Betting in New Zealand With almost 20 years of online gambling under our belt, it is safe to say that the world is no stranger to online betting, with the gambling world growing exponentially since the launch of the very first online casino. 

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Quick How-To Guide on In Play Betting for Punters in Australia

In Play Betting for Australian Punters In play betting, also known as live betting, has revolutionised betting behaviour amongst punters in Australia and is completely unlike anything that has come before it. Even though it is a relatively new development, it has become increasingly popular amongst punters of all kinds and is available at all the best online sportsbooks. For

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What Are Parlay Bets?

What Are Parlay Bets? In New Zealand, online sports betting sites offer a full range of betting options to suit all types of punters. This includes futures bets, spread bets, fixed odds bets and multi-bets. The most popular type of multi-bet is a parlay bet. If you are familiar with horseracing betting, chances are you have heard of parlay bets.

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Biggest AFL Upsets In History

Biggest AFL Upsets In History Australian rules football is a game of complete brute force mixed with a concentration of agility, speed, skill and bone crunching tackles. Punters from Australia opting for Aussie rules betting will be eager to learn that Australian Rules football embraces a multi cultural approach to betting practices. With novelty bets, straight bets, alternative bets and other

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